Saintyear Holding Group organized a delegation to participate in the 2018 Spring and Summer Intertextile Fabric Exhibition
                    March 14, China Textile Industry Federation "Spring Joint Exhibition" held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) . Saintyear Holding Group Co. , Ltd. with its 5 fabric enterprises again to participate in the China international textile fabrics and accessories (spring and summer) expo, focused on showing the industry strong voice.

                    Saintyear holding group, as the leading fabric supplier in the industry, constantly improve development ideas, innovative production technology to achieve green production of printing and dyeing enterprises. "We are committed to environmental protection and have established a strict chemical management system and recycling system, and our continuous investment in environmental protection has given us a high recognition of downstream brands, " said the head of Jimei printing and dyeing booth, as early as 2014, the group began to centralize the treatment of wastewater discharged by its enterprises, linking up with the environmental protection department's on-line sewage monitoring system, monitoring pollution indicators around the clock to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized.

                    At the scene of the exhibition, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, had a cordial conversation with Mr. Li Bin, Chairman and General Manager of Sanyuan Holding Group Co. , Ltd. , and inquired in detail about the development of the enterprise, the Enterprise in innovation and Development, green production and other aspects of the work expressed affirmation. Sun Ruizhe said that fabric enterprises should better meet the needs of upgrading the market terminal consumption, in order to achieve a more stable, more effective and more sustainable development of textile fabric accessories industry.