Sustainable development
                    Sustainable development
                    Innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing
                    Since the date of Xiaoshan Dangwan Educated Youth Printing and Dyeing Factory, Saintyear has made environmental protection and safe operation its top priority.
                    Saintyear has been committed to promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production, developing circular economy, achieving sustainable development, and striving to build a "green three yuan" through various means such as environmental protection investment, technological innovation, equipment update, and management improvement.
                    Sewage Disposal
                    Scientific and efficient treatment of sewage
                    In recent years, the company has efficiently operated the sewage treatment system, scientifically managed the sewage treatment plant, sewage pipe network and other related facilities, continuously optimized and upgraded the sewage treatment level, treated the sewage, can be recycled, and reduced water consumption for national production. . Relevant technical means are used to purify the sewage so that it can be used continuously.
                    • 12
                      Ten thousand tons
                      Annual water saving
                    Water / heat recycling
                    Use sewage for heat recovery
                    Use sewage as a heat source for hot water heating or refrigeration and air conditioning. The sewage water source heat pump can be used to recover the low-level energy of urban sewage. The recovered energy can be used for heating or cooling. Through the energy supply method that combines the sewage water source heat pump with the groundwater water source heat pump system and the gas + air conditioning cooling.
                    • 50
                      % Water reuse
                    • 40
                      % Heat reuse
                    recycle Renewable materials
                    Sustainable material bio cotton
                    "Sustainable fabrics" refer to fabrics that are recyclable, degradable after use, and have a transparent supply chain. They put less pressure on the environment during the manufacturing process and have low environmental pollution, durable, and recyclable.